Vintage Wedding Themes & Wedding Trends

Most modern brides want their wedding to be unique and different.  Take a look around at the many wedding inspiration blogs and you are sure to see a vast sea of vintage weddings that begin to all look the same.  However, maybe you are the bride who doesn’t care about the current trends happening in today’s weddings but vintage is your style and what you have always imagined for your Destin beach wedding.  As your Destin wedding planners we can help you to achieve the perfect vintage wedding design without being a complete carbon copy of what you already have seen in the thousands of blog posts. We can also help you achieve the subtleties of vintage in your wedding in a very classic and timeless way without overpowering it into just one big wedding trend.  One thing to keep in mind, is because you have a vintage styled wedding, does not mean that your wedding photography has to have that washed out and yellow look so many photographers are producing in this trend, going after that Instagram look in your professional photos.  One huge consideration when choosing your Destin wedding photographer is that you will be looking with these images for the rest of your life in your album and on your walls.  What is hot and trendy today, may be the “cheese” and embarrassment of tomorrow.  You don’t want to look back in dread at your wedding photos and say “what was I thinking.”  As wedding planners our preference is definitely for a timeless documentation of your day.  Stunning, technically fabulous photography can still be artistic and beautiful without looking like a photograph you put through the wash with your laundry.  You want a portrait that you can hang on your wall that will take your breath away today but will have that same effect when your grandchildren walk through your doors years down the road.

We would also advise brides that you should take this same outlook on the design  and decor of your wedding.  Unless you are a very out of the box type thinker and really have your own unique style, some of the vintage décor may not be right for you.  It is one thing to have vintage vases and bottles with flowers and quite another to have old suitcases, typewriters, and books stacked on your guest tables.  Ten or Twenty years from now will you look back and be happy with your choices?  Something to consider when choosing a vintage style for your wedding is that you can achieve this design very easily with just your floral design and a few simple elements.  There is certainly a great deal of eye candy to be found on wedding blogs today and it can be quite overwhelming to feel you must compete with these weddings.  We advise our brides to make a Pinterest and create boards of  your inspiration for your wedding.  Then sit down and take a more conservative look at everything you like.  What items can you simply not live without at your wedding and which are the things you think are gorgeous but you don’t have to have or maybe not realistic for you to accomplish within your budget?  How does it all flow together?  Does it create a beautiful piece of music or does it look like tacky?  Remember the how the saying goes, less is more.  And one last bit of advice…don’t feel pressured that you simply have to live up to what you see on Style Me Pretty or Green Wedding Shoes.  You can have a beautiful wedding without all the hoopla.  Remember what the day is really about; it is about your love and celebrating your marriage, not about how many details you have spread out through your wedding décor to impress your guests and show off in  your photos.  Don’t get us wrong, this is what we do and we love details!  But when it is all over and all you have is your photographs to remember your big day, it will be the images of the two of you, your friends and your family that means the most to you, not all those details that will mostly get thrown out at the end of the day.

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