Shaped Floral Centerpieces for Destin Weddings

Recently, I came across the featured image of shaped carnation pieces and immediately fell in love with this design. In a previous post we talked about the use and versatility, and savings on your Destin wedding budget with the use of carnations.  The dark plum color in contrast to the white vases and the square shapes contrasting the round bottoms of the vases is just gorgeous.  The plum and white design blends the look for modern and vintage which is a definitely a new trend in wedding style.  If you are at the first stages of planning your Destin beach wedding, this may be a great option for you to consider.  Besides the design in these inspirational images, theere are many ways you can go with carnations.  You can use the carnation to craft shapes as a base to build on.  For height consider adding stems of orchids, calla lilies, delphinium, or stock.  You can go from a simple look to something elaborate.

Accomplishing this type of design can be done by the diy bride.  However, we don’t recommend doing your wedding flowers yourself.  You should be sitting back and enjoying this time leading to your wedding day and not working.  We think  some brides tend to get in over their head when trying to do their own wedding flowers.  You may be surfing the web and come across sites where you can order wedding flowers.  You surely think this will help your budget if you do it yourself.  This may not be the case.  Consider all the time you will spend initially just in the search of finding just what you are looking for your to make your wedding flowers.  When you receive your flowers, you will have to process them and you will need to acquire the knowledge to do this properly, which may be different for each flower choice.  There is a great deal of time involved with caring for your flowers once they arrive and you then need to re-clip and change out the water daily and watch the room temperature and amount of sunlight coming into the room.  Also, you will need the proper buckets so they don’t droop and you need a room with a lot of space.  Then the night before the wedding or on the wedding day you will have to arrange the flowers and build your bouquets and have a way to store them so they keep fresh.  Is this something you want to tackle or do you need to worry about  flowers when you will be preparing for your walk down the aisle?  Consult with us as your Destin wedding florists to have gorgeous flowers on your wedding day without the hassle and stress.  Wouldn’t it be great to be a guest at your own wedding?


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