Painting Flowers for Destin Weddings

This past weeks destination wedding in Destin Florida was in purple, green, white, and black. Instead of ordering purple hydrangea and possibly not receiving the proper shade; we ordered white hydrangea from the farm and purchased purple and lavender floral spray paint. Once we painted one lavender it looked more pink than we wanted. So we painted the purple lightly on top of the lavender and it gave us just the shade we were looking for next to the purple. The really stunning thing about the hydrangea is you still see some of the white coming through just like happens naturally with hydrangea that are colored. If you are considering DIY painting flowers for your wedding, be sure to hold the can 15 inches away from the flowers and shake the flower as you spray. This technique will not work with all flowers. The good thing about this is that if you are having a wedding with colors that don’t occur naturally you can get floral spray paint in nearly every color. Use caution when placing painted flowers in bouquets as they could possibly bleed on your clothes. We only used our painted flowers in the decor so it wasn’t an issue. We are very pleased with the results of our painted flowers.

If you are planning your Destin wedding, give us a call to discuss the options for custom painted flowers in your wedding design. We can serve as your Destin wedding planners or just hire us as your Destin beach wedding florist.

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June 15, 2012 - 5:47 am

Jill Lauren Wedding Photography - okay – I seriously didn’t know you could do this to flowers! It wasn’t until a recent photo shoot that I saw the florist spraypaint the flowers the color she needed. It was one of those DUH moments.
What a great idea – I guess the secret is out now…you can have hydrangeas in any color of the rainbow…I love giving my clients exactly what they want!
Thanks for the post. The flowers look Fabulous when they are purple!

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