Outdoor Destin Weddings and planning for the weather

Beach weddings are fast becoming one of the more popular options for today’s modern bride. It can be a dream come true experience. Maybe you have always dreamed of being married standing with the sand beneath your feet and the waves crashing against the shore?  Or maybe a beautiful garden wedding is what you prefer, or an urban rooftop. There are so many different venues for outdoor weddings that you might be overwhelmed with so many different choices. Our Destin wedding planners can help you to navigate the choices ahead of you especially with the challenges of planning long distance for a Florida destination wedding.

Wherever you choose to hold your wedding, it will take a great deal of planning and time and you need to consider that you may have to pay for  special permits depending on the location. If your location does require a permit, make sure to get your request in early or you could be disappointed with your date being booked for another couple. Many venues offer a choice of a full wedding package, where most of the hard work is done for you. Or they may just offer you the venue only; in this case you are free to hire your own caterers and music or have a do-it-yourself wedding. However, most venues usually have the catering as part of the package and require a minimum purchase when booking. Bear in mind that an outdoor wedding has different planning requirements to an indoor option. For example, you may be able to save money on your wedding decorations as nature will provide a beautiful view for you.

The one thing you cannot predict, unfortunately, is the weather. Some locations in the country have a very small chance of bad weather, but you would be wise to have a good backup plan in case of inclimate weather. The weather can change in a moment; if you haven’t planned for it you could find your dream wedding has now become an nightmare and is very uncomfortable for you and your guests.

So, how do you plan for the weather? Well, one thing you could do is have a tent set up alongside the wedding ceremony area. Meet with the wedding officiant to discuss your plans for moving into the tent should the weather change. It is impossible to check for accurate weather forecasts more than one day or two ahead of your wedding. Since weddings are booked years or many months in advance you must be prepared for all possible weather conditions.

If you are unable to get a tent, check for alternate sites, i.e. village or church halls nearby. This will cost extra but should be allowed for in your budget. You should be prepared to notify all the guests in advance of the change of venue or, if the weather changes on the day itself, have someone in place to direct guests to the alternate location. Some venues have indoor facilities in addition to the outdoor locations and you can easily move inside. You must verify with your venue that the indoor facility is an option for you if needed and have this in your contract or negotiate if it is an extra cost. Some venues rent out multiple spaces to different weddings for the same day and the space is not available , so you could be stuck in the rain.  A good reason to have your ceremony and reception at the same location is so that if bad weather were to occur you could move the ceremony into your reception space.

Have a stack of umbrellas on hand if an alternate location is not an option and rain is forecast. Alternatively, the weather may turn much hotter than you first anticipated. This can be just as uncomfortable as wet and cold weather. Have some fans and sunblock available for guests to use, and make sure there are plenty of cold drinks available. We have seen beach weddings that have been planned for outdoors in the colder months and the couple set out baskets with blankets (all white) for their guests to snuggle up. This would be a good option to think about if doing an outdoor Destin beach wedding in the times of year that could suddenly see a cold front dipping down south.

One last thing, is to tell your hair stylist and make-up artists that you are having an outdoor wedding. They will be able to plan their work to suit any weather condition. If you are a diy bride, just make sure to do your homework, if not then make sure to find a Destin wedding company to help you with the perfect beach location and with your backup plan.


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