Fresh Flowers in Destin Weddings

You’ve got the ring on your finger!  He gave you a real diamond, didn’t he?  You wouldn’t accept a $20 cubic zirconia!  On Valentine’s Day would  you be  thrilled to have the delivery man show up to at your door and hand you a vase with plastic roses from your fiance?  No way, if your man did that, well he would completely be in the dog house! So then why would you even consider fake flowers for a moment? Fresh flowers can make all the difference in your Destin beach wedding decor.  Maybe you have the budget for thousands of dollars of flowers, or maybe you are on a tight budget.  The simple truth is that even if you don’t have a large floral budget you can still make quite an impact with a modest amount of fresh flowers. Many brides think that fresh flowers are out of reach and so they choose to diy silk or fake flowers.  But did you know that the prices today of silk flowers can be the same or even more that fresh flowers.  I know you are tempted when you are walking through Michael’s to go down that aisle, but don’t do it, run the other way!

Fresh flowers create an atmosphere that fake simply cannot come close to. Another reason would be the smell.  If you use fresh roses, the smell of roses will fill the air.  One of the most important reasons for using fresh flowers, however, is your wedding photos.  Today we have some of the most talented wedding photographers in Destin, Florida and if you have fake flowers their photos are going to show it.  You will see the grain in the fabric or strands of fabric in the flowers.  It won’t be pretty at all; it will actually look quite terrible.  Your photographer will have to change the way he/she photographs your wedding in order to not show just how bad they do look.  And don’t even get us started on the greenery!  There is simply no way that the photographer can take images of your arrangements or bouquets that won’t show just how fake those fake greens look.  You simply cannot recreate what nature has made so effortlessly. We have heard the words from photographers who say they cringe when they arrive to a wedding with fake flowers.  One reason you will hear brides say they want a silk bouquet is because they want to save it as a keepsake.  However, there are many companies that offer bridal bouquet preservation.  They will send you a kit with instructions to care for your bouquet and a label to send it back to them.  They will complete the preservation process and then send it back to you when it is finished.  Just make sure to keep your bouquet in water if it is hand tied.  Your Destin wedding planners can make sure to have a vase on hand at your wedding for you to keep it during your reception.

As your Destin wedding florists, we will be able to help you choose the right fresh flowers for your design and to fit within your budget.  Carnations, roses, mums, daisies, and some hydrangea are very affordable.  One option is also to use fresh filler flowers which are not as expensive but can add the pop of color and the look that you simply can’t achieve with fake flowers. A current trend is to have small vases with just one stem on your tables.  Whatever you do, don’t spend loads of money on your venue, caterer, and cheap out and use fake flowers.  This is a decision you are very likely to regret.  The cost doesn’t have to be burdensome to add that special touch that only fresh flowers can create and will likely be the same or less than you would spend on all those fake flowers at Michael’s.













Above you can clearly see the fake flowers and how they do not look beautiful in the least. Look closely at the greenery…it is not soft and pliable like fresh.  Now look at the fresh flowers below.  They look lush, soft, romantic and just simply gorgeous!



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