Copper in Destin Beach Weddings Decor

Today we are bringing a color option for your consideration in your Destin wedding design…copper.  Copper is not the most popular choice for weddings but it can really add to the design of your wedding.  Many brides think they can only choose one color for the wedding but you don’t need to be held down to this concept. Copper can be used for a rustic, vintage, elegant, or modern theme.  Your Destin wedding planners can help you to incorporate copper into your personal style for your wedding design.  Incorporating more than one color choice can really be what takes your wedding design to the next level.  We became interested in copper with the featured image of painting cans with copper.  We have collected antique teapots for years and copper is one of our favorite finds.  So why not use this in wedding design to step it up and bring the wow factor.

We love candleabras and today you can find many different styles or candlesticks but usually they are in the typical colors.  The cool thing is that you don’t need to stress if you can’t find copper.  Go ahead and buy them and buy a can of spray paint!  One of the really great things with candlesticks is that you can also glue vases on top of them and get a totally different look then just the normal candlestick.  Let your imagination run wild.  Just remember if you are going to have flower arrangements on your diy centerpiece make sure it can support the weight of your arrangement.  Everything must be in balance or you may have all of your centerpieces toppling over on the tables on your wedding day.  So if you are a diy bride, make sure to do a mockup of your ideas to make sure they will actually work.  Now let’s get back to the color, copper.  You can use it as a stand alone color or go for the diversity of adding vibrant flower choices, purples, teals, greens, reds, black, white, ivory, or creams.  If you are bold and want to step out of the box, consider the use of peacock feathers blended with copper.  With copper you can simply choose to have copper chiavari chairs and chargers on your tables with just subtle uses of copper in other places in your design; or you may choose to use it in your bridesmaids dresses, bouquets, centerpieces, linens, cake, etc…   You may be adventurous and take another out of the box option and incorporate the use of the metal copper in hanging votives or in metal bouquets or bouquet holders.  Consult with your Destin wedding planners or your Destin wedding florist to help you to best use the copper color in your wedding decor.


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May 3, 2012 - 5:20 am

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