Consider a Brooch Bouquet for your Destin Beach Wedding

We have talked about the importance of fresh flowers in your wedding design rather than silk for weddings in Destin, we are now going to talk about an alternative to flowers for your bouquet for your consideration.  A new trend in wedding bouquets is to have a bouquet made from sentimental brooches from your mother’s, grandmothers, aunt’s etc…jewelry box or just to peruse thrift stores or ebay to purchase them for the pure beauty of the piece.  Brides have also been fastening different pieces of jewelry and lockets to their bouquet wraps and some brides even attach photos of family members who have passed in remembrance and to feel they are with them in this small way on their big day.  With a brooch bouquet, you may consider this to be your something borrowed, something old, or include a piece to make it be your something blue.

If you prefer a bouquet with a sentimental meaning and you have items like this just collecting dust then it may be the perfect alternative to a flower bouquet.  If you don’t have the time or you aren’t a crafty person, we are happy to create your brooch bouquet for you.  These style bouquets also tie in very well with vintage or shabby chic wedding design themes.  You can stay with one color, choose two colors, or maybe mix in a variety.   All you need is a glue gun, glue sticks, floral wire, and ribbon.  The easiest way to craft your brooch bouquet is to purchase a foam bouquet holder.  You can then wire and glue the brooches and stick them into the foam.  You always want to place randomly to give a more natural appearance and not uniform.  You may consider adding pearls or jeweled necklaces to your bouquet.  You can also add fabric or ribbon flowers to the piece and wrap the handle with ribbon or lace.  Brooch bouquets need not only be in the round shape, you could do a posy, cascade, or crescent.  One of our great ides is to make brooch kissing balls for your ceremony decor or flower girl. How stunning would that be?

You could create beautiful brooch adornments to place on your wedding cake or mix with your flowers in your centerpieces to tie together the overall design.  If you don’t have the brooches in your own collection or in your family member’s, then consider acquiring your brooches before deciding the color scheme for your wedding.  If you need help tracking down just the right pieces for your bouquet be sure to ask your Destin wedding planners for assistance.  This can be a great diy project or leave it to the pros to take care of it for you.


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August 14, 2012 - 3:34 pm

Kennedy - these are stunning.. my nephew’s bride had one made with pieces from family members for their wedding last weekend in Ontario .. it was beautiful.. but they added silk flower to the bottom as they felt it lack punch!!

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